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AIA Convention 2023 San Francisco, California!

HAI had the opportunity to attend this year’s National AIA Convention in San Francisco! What a great event and, according to the AIA, the most highly attended conference in the history of the AIA! San Francisco, despite the media reports, is a great city and rich in architectural history and significance. Our daily ½ mile walk from our hotel to the convention center was never an issue and we enjoyed interacting with the local community and being part of this iconic California landscape.

What was extremely special for the firm is that both David Higginson, AIA, and Brian Higginson, Assoc. AIA, attended together as father and son!

Brian attended workshops to help prepare him to complete his ARE licensing process and to better prepare him for firm ownership. They both enjoyed the expo

which highlighted products and services relevant to our industry. Probably more than the workshops, just learning about how our profession continues to design and contribute to the built environment is both gratifying and rewarding.

The conference speakers were amazing and relevant to our practice.

We especially enjoyed hearing from Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her insights on how she led her country through some of the most difficult times in history were both inspirational and inspiring. She dealt effectively with the housing crisis, COVID 19, child poverty, and social inequality. The reason why she was invited to an architect’s conference, was her passion for sustainability and appreciation for our profession in leading the fight for reducing the carbon footprint that the building industry, for generations, has contributed to. How refreshing to hear from someone who is not a career politician! Several comments were made on how her leadership should be an example for other world leaders to follow. HAI wholeheartedly agrees!

Next year’s conference will be held in Washington DC!

HAI is looking forward to attending this conference at our Nation’s capital. We are also looking forward to Brian attending as a full-fledged AIA member!

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