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Career Day at Dunlap Elementary School!

HAI has always enjoyed being invited to participate in local career days sponsored by the public and private school system. Dunlap Elementary School in Yucaipa recently reached out to our firm to participate in their career day. This was the first time the school has actively promoted a career day, and really wanted an architect to be part of the event!

Pictured above; Mr. David Higginson, AIA, Founder & Principal Architect of HAI not only was excited to participate, but is passionate about promoting the profession of architecture to future generations. Knowing that architecture is somewhat difficult to convey to a young person, he brought several of his Lego architectural models to the event. This was a simple and effective way to engage in conversation.

Legos relate so well to the process of designing and building.

The architectural profession needs to invite and educate the next generation about what we do! This is a challenging and very rewarding profession. It is also absolutely needed to ensure we continue to help ensure the services we provide are recognized as necessary and relevant.

HAI is open to participate in any career days and be available to talk about the architectural profession to any public and private group events.

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